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Packing and Storage

We Provide a Safe and Reliable Packaging and Storage Service for customers on demand apart from Logistic Support.

Safety & Quality

Our Team takes Special care of your Goods. Safety of Goods and Services are our TopMost Priority.

Logistic Services

We provide Reliable, Efficient and Safe Pickup and Delivery Services for Customer Goods.

Delivery On Time

On Time Delivery and Right Delivery are Important to us. Our Process Makes sure that the Pick Up and Delivery are done exactly to the concerned people and No One Else.


Lompire is india’s largest web and application based platform to book transportation online, that connects users to allocate their truck with thousands of truck drivers network for their quick & easy goods delivery.

Lompire is a online logistic & transportation solution which is offering on-demand transportation solutions to cater to all your goods movement in both full truck load & part truck load capacity.

Our aim is to deliver quality service with competitive rates & back up every shipments with latest technology & outstanding customer services. Lompire is best to support their clients for their customized requirements which are not feasible for a local transporter.

Lompire is giving contact of driver directly.

We are damn sure in our rates & service that clients are not getting lower than us.

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Trusted Franchise

Our team is providing best service to solve customer’s transportation issue. We are giving best from our side. Reaching with Service will be as early as possible.

Customer Support

We are reaching to service related problems / insurance related issue / payment issues as possible as early. Our 24/7 customer support service will be able for our valuable customers.

Reliability & Punctuality

Lompire is committed to deliver a hassle-free on-demand logistics service through the network of service providers connected on the platform. We have standard policies from booking handling to delivery and so in case of any non compliance of service delivery lompire offers fixed compensation for the full truck load or part truck load.

Any other inquiry with Lompire

You can write us on our given email details and connect us on customer care number

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